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I usually don't do these, but here ya go:

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Their response: they just keep laughing and shouting "Wha'evah! Wha-EVAH!" until you leave
You are best remembered for: scoring with both of the Bush twins
Your heroic level: - 38%
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I got my hard drives, mousepad, and ram late last week. Now I have lots of hard drive space.

On the 160 gig drive I'm planning on sticking a bunch of other operating systems on it. Windows (uck, uck....but that's where the games are), some various distros of Linux (I already use FreeBSD), and whatever else catches my fancy.
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sickness and neat-o-ness

I've been really sick lately with some sort of freak cold or something worse. I've had headaches, sore throat, stuffy noise and shivers. Last thursday night I had some very strange dreams that were probably caused by it. I've been getting better, but just to be annoying my nose decided to bleed a lot too. I was getting a few bloody noses a day so I went to the campus health center, but they were closed. I didn't have any bloody noses ...yesterday (being today just started a half hour ago). I'm feeling better at least, but my throat is still a little sore.

The neat-o-ness is that I ordered some hard drives, a mousepad, some ram and headphones from newegg and they should arrive by this friday. :)

Now for bed, because I should get some sleep. I do have class I plan on going to.
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nsis/case/email address

I've been trying to get nsis (an installer generator for windows) to work completely under FreeBSD, but no dice. (mingw32-gcc (as a cross compiler) + nsis = building and packaging windows software without using windows)
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qwest is being annoying again. My email is being hosted by a machine at my parents house with the net connection being qwest. Something strange is happening there, and it appears it is qwest's fault this time. Half the time I give out that email address, and half the time I give out my sf.net address (which just redirects to the first address). Fortunately, I can change where my sf.net address redirects to. So now it redirects to my gmail address, and with the ability to use POP3 to receive mail from gmail means I don't have to deal with the horrible variable width fonts gmail likes to use :).

Also, newegg got my check yesterday for my new case, but I didn't find out until today because it was trying to go to my normal (but down) email address. It looks like my old power supply got clogged with dust, which is a problem I don't think I'll have this time. (Plus, the power supply had unusually small heatsink on it, so it was much easier for it to overheat).

Oh yeah, finals are coming up too, which is annoying.
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Well, my power supply decided to eat itself.

Upon getting back to my dorm room, I plugged in my computer. I thought I smelled a sort of burning rubber, but I wasn't sure. My roommate thought he could smell it too, but only faintly.

The smell slowly got worse, and I went downstairs to get a drink. I come back up, and the smell is even worse, and my computer is off. Turned out my power supply had died, but fortunately the guy on the otherside of the hallway had an extra one.
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yay, I did good!

I got a 4 on the AP Calculus Test (BC)

I'm so amazed with myself. I thought I did horrible and I even left one of the free response questions practically blank.
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I'm back!

I'm back from my long trip of doom.

I'm still alive.

I had a whole bunch of things I thought I'd actually put in my livejournal, but I forgot what they were.

Maybe tomarrow when I'm rested and I remember.
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